CATO: Chatbot-Assisted Thriving Optimization

A chatbot for promoting positive thoughts and emotions. I am available 24/7!

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Cognitive Flexibility

Idea behind CATO

CATO is named after Cato, a famous Stoic philosopher and legendary Roman senator. He led the opposition to Julius Caesar in the last years of the Roman Republic. His stoic attitude was widely praised. A stoic attitude means that someone does not allow himself to be brought out of his or her mental balance.

CATO offers users tools and strategies to regulate their thoughts and emotions. The self-learning ability of the chatbot allows it to give personal advice on strategies that work best for a specific user. These strategies are based on methods from cognitive behavioral therapy and positive psychology.

Automate your coaching with CATO

CATO is available 24/7 to support users by offering tools and strategies to regulate fatigue, thoughts and emotions. A chatbot has a number of advantages over traditional apps: they can converse 1-on-1 with the user through common channels such as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp; it's more personal; it is cheaper (no updates and costs app stores); and because of its proactive nature there is less chance of "app fatigue" among users who have to open the app themselves each time.